What’s life like in Sunbury, Melbourne’s closest wine region?

29 Nov 2017

Drive through Melbourne city, past the traffic and skyscrapers and head North West for around 40 minutes – you'll feel your stresses dropping away instantly. You're entering Sunbury, the closest wine region to Melbourne city, a small semi-rural settlement known for its friendly locals and fascinating history. 

Countless city-dwellers have been making the move out to this quaint, peaceful area in outer-Melbourne of late. With that in mind we're wondering: 'Is Sunbury a good place to live?'

There's more than just wine, and beautiful nature on offer in Sunbury. There's more than just wine and beautiful nature on offer in Sunbury.

What is living in Sunbury like?

By our last count there are 15 wineries to choose from in Sunbury, including several internationally renowned winemakers such as Arundel Farm Estate, Craiglee and Longview Creek Vineyard. Most are set on beautiful grounds, offering the perfect place for locals and visitors to relax over the weekend and sample the region's wines.

If you're looking to work off a couple pinots there's plenty to do outdoors, like spotting kookaburras and galas as you stroll through Albert Road Nature Reserve. Or if you're so inclined why not hit 18 holes at Goonawarra Public Golf Course.

Spend some time here and you'll also enjoy Sunbury's intriguing history, evident in the beautiful Victorian architecture and historic sites around town. Our favourite spot is Rupertswood Mansion, a near century old luxury estate which is considered by many to be the birthplace of one of cricket's most coveted trophies – the Ashes. 

Despite all that, when someone asks 'what's living in Sunbury like' we have to mention the locals. Perhaps thanks to relaxed country living, and quality wine they're uncommonly friendly and always make newcomers feel at home. 

How about the property market in Sunbury?

There are over 15,000 homes in Sunbury, and a far higher proportion of owner occupiers than most of Melbourne's central suburbs, Residex data shows. The median house value here is just $463,000 – roughly half that of wider Melbourne.

What's life like in Sunbury? Why not visit and find out for yourself. What's life like in Sunbury? Why not visit and find out for yourself.

Melburnians are starting to catch on to the incredible value and enviable lifestyle on offer here, and properties are now selling after an average of only 25 days on the market. To learn more about the property market in Sunbury, get in touch with a real estate agency local to the area. 

With a little help you could be living a relaxed country lifestyle, just 40 minutes from the centre of Melbourne.