What’s life like in Pascoe Vale?

7 Feb 2018

Ex-Londoner, John Pascoe Fawkner was one of the founders of Melbourne way back in 1837. He was also the city's first publican, hotelier and newspaper publisher, as well as one of Victoria's first members of parliament. 

In 1839, Fawkner purchased and settled a large plot of land just north of Melbourne's centre and named it Pascoeville. Fast forward 180 odd years, and the town's gained a new name and several thousand residents, as well as becoming one of the most in demand suburbs on Melbourne's fringes.

Fascinating and little known history aside, let's have a closer look at what it's like living in Pascoe Vale in 2018. 

Pascoe Vale is a quiet safe suburb, just minutes away from the city centre. Pascoe Vale is a quiet safe suburb, just minutes away from the city centre.

Life in Pascoe Vale

This charming area is just 15 minutes driving from the heart of the city. Despite its proximity to Melbourne, it retains a rural feel, with plenty of park space and leafy streets lined by charming character homes.

So, is Pascoe Vale a good place to live? Most residents would answer that question with an emphatic yes, adding that it's one of Melbourne's most family friendly suburbs.

You'll feel like you're a hundred miles away from the hectic noise and traffic here, but you'll also be minutes away from all the conveniences you could ever need. There's great local cafes on offer like George Jones, Gaffney Place, Le Jolie and Jack and Daisy. You can even find authentic gelato down the road at Miinot in Pascoe Vale South. If you're in the mood for shopping or a caffeine fix, ultra-hip Brunswick is just minutes away as well.

Pascoe Vale's homes hint at it's long and colourful history.

Pascoe Vale's property market

Pascoe Vale's homes hint the area's long and colourful history. There are entire streets of gorgeous period homes that were built for soldiers returning from World War Two in the 1940s, though most properties exude a certain old world charm. 

Residents pay a premium for this attractive setting with the average home going for over $900,000, according to Residex. However, if you do buy here your home is very likely to increase in value – the median property value increased by an impressive 14 per cent over 2017. 

For a more affordable entry point into the Pascoe Vale property market, the average unit price sits far lower in the mid-500s. Whatever you do, get in quick because properties for sale in Pascoe Vale sell quickly, at an average of just 28 days.