What are you looking for in a new bathroom?

7 Nov 2016

If you're looking at homes for rent or for sale in Melbourne, you should have a checklist about where you'll end up. There's no point settling for somewhere you don't love! Does that list include a gorgeous, relaxing bathroom? If not, it should.

The bathroom is the space in a home where we are potentially at our most vulnerable. It's where we wash, use the loo, and get ready for the day ahead. If it's not up to your lofty standards, or it's dull and old, you're either going to hate living there, or you'll have to renovate.

Some people love a home they can work on – others do not. Which category are you in?

What to look for in a modern bathroom design

One of the easiest ways to spot if a bathroom has recently been renovated is by observing the taps and the toilet. If these are old, don't have good water flow or look a touch too yellow, then you may want to replace them (if you buy the home).

An open-plan shower area is also a nice touch. It doesn't confine you to a small block when you're washing, and it gives the entire room an airy, clean atmosphere.

Nice tiles are also something you should look out for. You might not think it, but what's underfoot is not just to stop us falling through the floor. The tiled areas in a bathroom can either make or break the whole space. If the tiles are old and tacky, it'll never feel fresh. If the tiles are beautiful, but the grout has started to come away, there could be underlying problems with moisture in the foundations of your home.

Light it up

One of the most important parts about a bathroom (and almost any other room in the house), is how well-lit it is. In the middle of the day, you might want a bit of natural light coming into your bathroom, but if the entire room is walled in, that won't be possible. On the other hand, if you don't mind that there's very little natural light, then you'll need excellent lighting options.

Downlights provide a lot of coverage to an area, and a light above the mirror is also very useful. Make sure the bathroom is light enough for you to do anything you need inside – if it's not, it could become a problem down the track. If you've just bought a house or entered into a rental agreement, you won't want that!