Up and coming Melbourne: Brunswick lifestyle and property

21 Aug 2017

You can't turn your head in Brunswick without seeing a hip cafe or a charming period home, and as a result, it's quickly becoming one of Melbourne's fastest growing suburbs. 

We've had a closer look at it's always-busy restaurants, bustling streets and thriving housing market to try and answer one question – is Brunswick a good place to live

The place

Way back in 1840 the first land sale occurred here, with the title going to Edward Stone Parker and Thomas Wilkinson. They named their plots of land after the party of the bride at the royal wedding that was underway back home in England – Brunswick.

Is Brunswick the right location for you? Is Brunswick the right location for you?

Brunswick wears its distinct past on its sleeve. Take a look at the architecture, the library or the town hall and you'll see how its history adds a unique charm to the area.

The old tram is now brand new and powered by electricity, allowing locals to get into town quick, easy and cheap. There are also countless new infill developments and apartments for sale in Brunswick, so there are plenty opportunities to get into the market. That convenience, combined with an incredible lifestyle mean this is a brilliant place to be. 

That convenience, combined with an incredible lifestyle mean this is a brilliant place to be.

The lifestyle

Stroll through town and you'll notice locals are positively spilling out of cafes, restaurants and bars. That's because this area's famous for its food, here you'll find one of Melbourne's most diverse and delicious food scenes. 

We love the Asian influences of Tom Phat, the authentic Greek flavours of the Hellenic Republic and the impressive beer list at Howler. But there are just too many incredible places to eat and drink to choose a favourite.

After a generous meal, stroll down the street and you'll find art galleries, markets and boutique shops. On the way you might bump into a local and find out the hard way that Brunswickians are uncommonly friendly and open. This place feels distinctly like a small town, with a tight-knit community and friendly locals, and yet it's only minutes from Melbourne central. 

First home buyers in Brunswick will be surprised at the diversity of opportunities. Brunswick is just minutes away from the very centre of Melbourne. 

Property, prices and opportunities

Surprisingly, its popularity and proximity to Melbourne's centre hasn't rendered Brunswick unaffordable. If you're looking for an apartment, you should be able to find one here for under the Residex listed median price of $498,000.

First home buyers in Brunswick will no doubt be able to find even better deals with the help of a local expert. But you've got to be quick if you want to buy here – Residex data shows that properties usually last less than a month on the market before they're snapped up by keen buyers. 

Here in Brunswick there's an abundance of brilliant properties, a unique historic charm, as well as restaurants and cafes that will impress even the most discerning diners. It's hard not to love the place, whether you're working, living here or just passing through – so drop in for a visit soon and experience it for yourself.