Three tips for a winter-ready Melbourne home

12 May 2017

Last year the coldest night here in Melbourne was a nippy 3 degrees, Australian Bureau of Meteorology data shows. We like to whinge occasionally, but considering that's the worst we ever have to deal with we've got it good.

That doesn't mean you can't make your winter even more comfortable by making a few improvements around the house. To help you do just that we've whipped up a few tips that we think will help keep you snug and warm at home when the mercury starts to fall.

Prepare your patio

Cabin fever is one of winter's worst ailments. The barbeque's cold and neglected and the average Australian's weekend activities tend to involve a Netflix subscription and large amounts of snack food. Instead of hibernating inside all winter give your patio a little love and get it ready for winter.

Make your winter more fun with these tips. Make your winter more fun with these tips. `

The key here is moving the barbeque and seating under a covered patio (if possible), then installing an efficient outdoor heater. If you've got the room a fireplace will add even more to the space keeping you outside on long winter nights. 

Max out the luxury

Regardless of how much you improve your patio, you'll probably spend more time inside during winter. Keep your home up to date with current interior design trends and make it even more comfortable by adding touches of decadent luxury throughout.

We're talking plush textured throws, rugs and cushions in warm rich colours, floor pillows to put your feet up on and even faux mink fur. The phrase 'less is more' doesn't apply here, so add as much cushy, cozy luxury to your home as you'd like.

Last year the coldest day here in Melbourne was a nippy 4.3 degrees celsius.

Let the light shine in

Throughout winter you're probably going to get paler and paler by the day. It happens to everyone and that lack of sun exposure not only ruins your tan – it could be making your home colder. Embrace the heat this winter by maximising the amount of sun that shines into your home.

Ensure that all the blinds on your north-facing windows are up when the sun is streaming down, and make sure you trim back any plant life obstructing the sun's path into your home. When the sun goes down quickly close all your blinds and curtains and your home will trap the sun's heat, keeping you warm through the night.

Those are just a few of our favourite tips. What are your strategies for getting through winter?