Take a peek inside the home of the future

13 Feb 2017

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, changing the way we live our lives. It's not just mobile phones that are changing either, these advancements affect every aspect of our lives – including the way our homes look and function.

Generally speaking, Melbourne property tends to be on the modern side, so changes may happen even earlier here. With an eye to the very near future, let's have a look at a few exciting features that are likely to become commonplace in homes around our city. 

Smart appliances

Making your home 'smart' once meant spending thousands installing a complicated network system. Today, appliances such as the Amazon Echo can connect to all of your smart appliances via WiFi, and allow you to easily control them from the screen of your smartphone, tablet or computer.

It's possible to control your entire home from the screen of your tablet.It's possible to control your entire home from the screen of your tablet.

That means doing things like turning the heater on before you get home, locking doors remotely and controlling your appliances via voice command can all be a reality.

Kevin Foreman, director of product vision at the digital experience firm Vectorform spoke to Wired, saying that eventually your smart home may be even more functional. He predicted that each room may soon be able to read your heart rate, to automatically adjust temperature (and other settings) to your preferences as you walk in.

Tech-free zones

Your home may soon be able to read your heart rate, to automatically adjust a room's settings as you walk in.

As exciting as these advancements may be, all this technology can get a bit much sometimes.

An EY Digital State of the Nation report proves this is true, revealing that Australians spend up to 10 hours a day looking at a smartphone screen, and many have trouble disengaging.

To remedy the risks of tech-overload, modern homes are starting to include rooms that are technology-free.

That way, after a long day in the office you'll have a dedicated area where you can properly relax, and take a break from screens to read, get creative, or pursue other hobbies.

A super functional kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and functionality is the focus. Expect that focus to become even more prevalent as more and more kitchens change to include features such as induction hobs, soft closing cabinets and butler's pantries.

If you're looking to buy a more modern home in Melbourne, you'll find out that the future might just be closer than you expected.