Straying away from beige – should you bring some colour into your home?

3 Nov 2016

Beige is a popular choice of colour inside our homes, but have you ever wanted something more? Something exciting and fresh that draws attention and makes people start conversations? If you have, don’t overdo the beige interiors. Sure, it’s practical and easy and light enough to not feel stuffy or crowded, but the colour of your interior should be more than just practical.

It should instead be a reflection of your personality. If you’re not excited by your property, then you might as well start looking for new homes for sale in Melbourne. We spend a lot of time in our residences, which makes it all the more important to ensure they’re comfortable.

Beige isn’t always comfortable. What should you go for instead?

Bringing the colour back into your life

We’re not saying that beige is a terrible colour, it just shouldn’t necessarily be the main tone in all of your rooms. It can be expensive to repaint an entire interior, but changing up a few rooms at a time is a cost-effective alternative. And when you do change colour, make sure it’s bold.

“Nature is nothing but colour, yet we seem to limit ourselves in our own homes,” said Anne Webster of Anne Webster Designs in an October 29 Domain Group article.

“People think if they use dark colours it will close a room in, but it actually adds warmth and provides a great backdrop for hanging art.”

If you are choosing a wall colour to hang art over, make sure you think about the primary colours in the work itself. It should complement the wall, not match it or contrast with it. The art is the feature, not the wall and art combined.

Adding patterns to break up the blocky rooms

Find the primary colour in the wallpaper and add some plain accessories in that same tone.

If you have a room that needs some extra decoration, look to your freshly painted walls and choose decor to suit. This should be complementary to the colour you’ve chosen. If you have a red or yellow wall, for example, then Aztec prints on a pillow or throw over a couch would match, and be vibrant and exciting.

On the other hand, if you go for a patterned wallpaper, then more and more patterns in the decor can make it confusing and too busy. Find the primary colour in the wallpaper and add some plain accessories in that same tone or shade for a well put-together space.

It’s easy to bring life back to a room – be different to the beige brigade around the Australian property market, especially if you’re looking to sell or rent your home.