Property Inspections & More. Buying & Selling During COVID-19

15 Apr 2020

With confusion arising over the Easter Long Weekend in relation to the impact of updated Stay at Home Directions on Property Inspections, our team has received many queries about what is and isn’t possible with the current state of play.

We thought we’d help you with some clarity on our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I’m interested in buying a property.  Am I able to physically inspect it?

A.  Yes! But conditions apply.  We are still continuing to conduct private inspections of a residential property for sale, noting a maximum of two people are permitted in the property (the agent and one other person only) at any time.  This means the inspection needs to be conducted by private appointment, and where the property is occupied, the agent will coordinate the inspection with the occupier leaving the premises for a legitimate reason.

Additionally, our team is very well equipped to conduct virtual inspections in the first instance.  Check out our listings to view a video presentation or alternatively, contact your agent for a FaceTime tour.

Q.  I currently have my property listed for sale, what precautions are being taken to maintain high levels of hygiene in our property?

A. Very early on, Brad Teal Real Estate established our COVID-19 policy which outlines our adherence to infection control measures and provides conditions of entry for prospective buyers entering private property.  Further to this, we are following good practice guidelines to maintain high levels of hygiene, including:

  • using gloves and hand sanitiser during private inspections
  • providing close supervision of the person attending the inspection
  • avoiding touching fixtures, fitting, furniture and surfaces
  • as appropriate, disinfecting surfaces and areas touched during the inspection prior to leaving and before the occupant returns

Q.  What is the impact of COVID-19 on the market right now?

A.  There is no doubt the Coronavirus pandemic has brought uncertainty and a slowdown in the volume of property transactions.  Despite the beginning of restrictions in mid March, Brad Teal Real Estate doubled the number of properties sold in March 2020 compared with March 2019, and so far in April, we’ve been able to bring opportunities together for buyers and sellers every day, through private sales and online auctions.  However, the market is facing headwinds over the next few months, with the impact of unemployment, the JobKeeper package, extension or easing of restrictions all creating a melting pot of unknowns, making it difficult to create any type of accurate market forecast.

Q.  So, is it a good time to buy or sell?

A.  There are some very high quality listings on the market at the moment and our experience is that clients who have their properties for sale are genuine in their motivations, having either already purchased a property, are needing to upsize or downsize, or may possibly be working through personal circumstances.  So in terms of buying, there are quality opportunities albeit a lower number of properties on the market.  For prospective vendors, low stock levels has meant that at this stage, prices for quality properties have had limited adjustment compared with pre-pandemic levels.   If you’re motivated to make a move, buying and selling in the same market is always opportune, as you are insulated from price changes over time.

Q.  Is your sales team still working?

A.  Our team is very active, keeping in touch with clients and the community, providing property appraisals and conducting private appointments, whilst complying with Stay at Home Directions as practicable.  If you’re curious about the value of your home or would like us to connect you with one of the 218 properties we have for sale, please reach out to see how we can help.

We have the latest in technology and best practice processes, but most importantly, we have an A-grade team who lives and breathes The Brad Teal Way, to help you navigate the property market, whichever direction it takes.




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