Design trends perfect for Melbourne’s 2017 winter

10 Jul 2017

Winter has well and truly settled over Melbourne. Naturally this means we're spending a little more time inside, holed up away from the chills. That makes the interior of your home more important than ever.

To help warm up your winter and make your Melbourne property a cosy, beautiful place to be we've looked at Winter 2017's hottest design trends. 

Rough luxury

Forget minimalism – in 2017 winter home design trends are all about luxury with an industrial twist. We're talking about exposed brickwork, the use of washed cement and the pairing of low sheen metals with woods and other natural materials.

Forget minimalism – in 2017 winter home design trends are all about luxury with an industrial twist.

Combine this semi-industrial look with modern home design and your home will become an intriguing contrast between rough, natural textures and refined comfortable furnishings. It's a look you've probably seen in your favourite cafes around Melbourne and one that's becoming increasingly popular in homes Australia-wide.

Bringing outside in

You may not have the budget or the inclination to change the finishes and furnishings in your new Melbourne home. In that case you can easily improve your interior by simply bringing the greenery and plant life from your garden inside to liven up your living spaces.

If you're in an apartment or have limited space English Ivy plants go brilliantly on bookshelves as their leaves hang downwards creating a slightly wild look. Otherwise go for peace lilies. They're incredibly easy to look after and their lush green leaves and vibrant white flowers will add a splash of colour to your Melbourne winter home design.

Conscientious design

Interior design has recently shifted towards locally made sustainable materials and supporting smaller independent designers. This new trend is a brilliant way to add character to your living spaces but it may be more difficult to achieve than you may think.

Be on the look out for boutique furniture or design stores, stocked by local creatives – there's probably one in your area. Select just a few of these unique pieces, be it a couple pillows, locally designed furniture or just a work by a Melbourne artist. Their addition will give your home a unique charm and you'll also know that you've supported a small local business. 

Winter doesn't have to be dark and miserable. A few small changes to your home could change your outlook on the whole season until spring comes around again.