Busting three myths about picking a real estate agent

20 Jul 2017

When it comes to real estate agents, public opinion can be a little negative. That's understandable, as selling your home may be one of the biggest financial steps you ever take. Being cautious and perhaps even a little suspicious is perfectly normal. 

However, it's essential that you don't let common misconceptions stop you from selecting the right Melbourne real estate agent. Choose an expert you trust and the relationship can be extremely beneficial, making the entire process easier and perhaps even boosting your bank account. 

To help you do just that, we've busted three common myths about real estate agents. 

Myths about picking a real estate agent may influence your decision.Myths about picking a real estate agent may influence your decision.

Myth: I don't even need a real estate agent

Busted: Selling your home by yourself is certainly possible. However, keep in mind that without an agent to help you'll need to do the following by yourself:

  • Decide on a value for your property.
  • Advertise and market your home. 
  • Choose the best method of sale.
  • Arrange the signing of the contract.
  • Navigate all the paperwork required when selling. 
  • Organise and attend open homes.
  • Negotiate with buyers to get the best deal. 
  • Find a new home to move in to. 

No reasonable person would argue that the above tasks are quick or easy. That's why the majority of sellers definitely do need an agent's help – they simply don't have the time, knowledge or experience to do their property's sale justice. 

Myth: Always go with the cheapest agent – it won't make a difference

Busted: Price should certainly be considered when you buy any service – real estate agents included. But the claim that it's always best to go with the cheapest option is yet another real estate agent myth

An agent's value comes from their knowledge of the local market, their marketing plan, their experience and past results, feedback that their old clients have given and the reputation of their agency. Pick an agent with those traits and you'll ensure they can negotiate a better deal for your property, find more buyers and make selling your Melbourne home as easy as possible. 

Your Melbourne real estate agent should make selling your home easy. Your Melbourne real estate agent should make selling your home easy.

Myth: Melbourne real estate agents are all the same 

Busted: This is perhaps one of the most baseless myths about picking a real estate agent. Just like any other service provider there are good and bad agents – some that you can trust and some that you can't. 

The secret to success is picking someone who's experienced, has great local knowledge and who you get along with well. Look for an agent from an agency with an overwhelmingly positive reputation and speak to their former clients if possible to really gain an insight into the quality of their service. 

Simply take a little care when selecting and your agent will always prove an invaluable resource when selling – that's no myth!