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9 Sep 2016

We are excited to announce the launch of our fully re-constructed and re-designed Brad Teal website.

The traditional role of most businesses evolves and matures and the real estate industry is no different. The impact of technology and the accelerated expectations of clients makes it imperative that we stay relevant.

As access to basic property information such as average property prices and market information is easily accessible, our new site is designed to make any property transaction as easy as possible by equipping clients with relevant, useful information.

It has been a long established cliché in real estate that we differentiate ourselves from competitors by providing outstanding service. The problem is, the definition of outstanding service has been defined by agents rather than clients. Our new website is focused on what clients actually want, rather than what we think they need.

Our new site provides an unparalled level of resources on real estate and local area topics, from property transaction Q & A’s to local community videos. Our view is that an educated market will make better informed decisions by taking the guesswork out of their property transaction.

We are no longer a business that simply sells and leases real estate. We are experts in property and see our role as informing and educating the broader community on what can often be an intimidating and daunting time.