5 blogs to make you better at home decorating

27 Jun 2016

How do you choose your home decorating theme? Are you one of the 5.4 million Australians on Twitter (according to Roy Morgan), scouring the timeline for the hottest designs or most unique items to adorn your kitchen bench? Perhaps you like to live your life on the fly, picking up furniture and ornaments as you see them at the local markets?

For many of us, the best way to choose a theme is to scour the blogs. But these days, every man, woman and child seems to have a personal site dedicated to home and style. We've cut through the bulk of them, and found you five of the best to help you decorate your new home.

1) The Design Files

The self-described "most popular design blog" in Australia has a wealth of information, no matter what part of the home you want to decorate. With profiles of properties from both home and abroad, a dedicated cooking section regular interviews with creators and artists, there is enough tastemaking to fill an entire ideabook.

Whether you want a new recipe for Sunday brunch or an out-of-the-box renovation idea, make sure to give it a look!

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2) Darling Street

Thinking of making some DIY renovations to your rental property but don't know where to start? Or if it is even possible? Darling Street might be the answer for you. It is run by Penny McNamee, and it covers her love of DIY projects both large and small. There is even an entire section dedicated to her ongoing renovations of her own home, from bedroom to bathroom to roof!

The updates are not particularly frequent, but they are so in-depth that they don't really need to be. Check it out!

3) Ish and Chi

When you want striking aesthetics and beautiful photography, you can't go past Ish and Chi. The name actually comes from fish and chips, and founder Vivian Panagos has been featured in almost every lifestyle magazine you can think of.

What began as a project to chronicle the decoration of her then-unborn son's room has blossomed into interviews, tours, style blogging and so much more. With vibrant colours and an eye for off-kilter colour schemes, it is absolutely worth your time.

Paper Daisy Restaurant

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4) The Life Creative

When you want crisp tones, bespoke furniture, immaculate photography and even cleaner framing, The Life Creative is the site to visit. It takes stories from all over the world, bringing them all together under one clear aesthetic.

5) Design Milk

This site focuses a little more on products than strictly decorating, but what it comes up with is so inventive that it opens up a whole world of possibilities for you. From adjustable worktables to 3-D printed wheelchairs, there is something for every taste under the Design Milk Banner.

No matter what you want to do with your home, there is going to be a blog to suit your tastes. Use these as a starting point for opening your mind to a whole new way of thinking about your space!