3 must-haves for the tech lover’s kitchen

19 Aug 2016

For modern house owners and technology lovers in particular, there's nothing like showing off a nifty tech toy. The best place for some true futuristic features is most definitely the kitchen.

Sleek kitchens are all the rage, and they seem to increasingly incorporate advanced kitchen technology into their overall design. These features can be out in the open or hidden discretely, just waiting for the perfect Bond-esque reveal.

1. Boiling water tap

This could quite possibly be the most desirable kitchen innovation right now. It makes a kettle completely redundant and it eliminates having to wait around for water to boil – for example, it makes instant coffee truly instant.

Instead of dealing with a bulky container, you can now get these instant boiling taps with the kettle function integral to the main tap. Most taps also have a safety feature to keep curious little hands safe.

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2. Secret sockets

It seems like the more you get settled into your house, the more kitchen appliances you collect. Ironically, while the need for plug points grows, kitchen designs become more minimalist and multiple wall sockets just aren't desired anymore.

The best way to have a well-equipped kitchen with enough sockets while keeping your sleek kitchen design is by integrating pop-up power points in your benchtop or kitchen island. That way, when they're not in use you can just tuck them away.

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3. Self-cleaning oven

The kitchen seems to be a place of constant cleaning and messing up again. If only there was such a thing as a kitchen that cleans itself. While that isn't a real feature (yet), a self-cleaning oven is.
Cleaning an oven is one of the most laborious chores there is, which is why tech companies are coming up with several convenient solutions to this problem.

A pyrolytic oven locks itself and heats up to an extremely high temperature of about 500 C. This process burns away grease and turns food residue into ash, which is then easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

A catalytic oven works a little bit differently. Liners are fitted to the side and back of the oven and they absorb fat splatters. To burn them off, the oven needs to regularly be heated to 250 C for an hour. The only downside to the catalytic liners is that they only clean the sides and the back, so the doors and trays are still to be dealt with.

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Not only are these features the way of the future, they can also significantly add value to your property when you want to put your house up for sale.