3 essential tips for the perfect nursery

29 Jul 2016

Melbourne suburbs are booming, and some areas that offer homes for sale are particularly attractive for young parents. However, once the house is bought and the keys are collected, there's only one thing on an expecting family's mind: the nursery.

Social media makes everything look trendy, and it's hard to keep up sometimes. Yet everyone wants a piece of the pie, and according to Domain, hip cafes are following young families into family-friendly suburbs.

So now that breakfast and coffee is Instagram-worthy, let's make sure the room where the baby sleeps is, too.

1. Make it comfortable

Think of your nursery as an oasis of peace for your tiny human and yourself. This involves a number of things: the colour of the walls, comfortable furniture and lighting. Long gone are the days of blue and pink. This is an age of gender-neutral colours, and no, that doesn't mean yellow. A bright, white room looks great on photos, but it's not the most relaxing of colours. On average, babies sleep about 15 hours a day, so you'll want nap-inducing shades. Think navy, beige and blue-grey.

Hip furniture looks great, but a comfortable chair is a mum's best friend. Ideally, it can be both. It should be suitable for feeding time, reading time and mum's nap time. Since new mums spend so much time in the nurseries, a good night light is another smart investment. One that's bright enough to read, but you can dim when necessary.

2. Keep it practical

Having an aesthetically pleasing room is nice, but having a practical one is much more important. Storage space may not sound sexy, but it's essential to a nursery. Somewhere to put clothes, wraps, blankets, nappies and toys. You'll also need a changing table for diaper duty.

A nappy disposal bin is far from glamorous, but it's a baby room necessity. Most importantly: all this should be tucked away and out of reach of little grabby hands.

3. Keep it baby-friendly

Tiny details can really finish a room, but they're also a choking hazard. Once you start adding accents to give your comfortable, practical nursery that bit of oomph, remember to keep it practical. A stylish but incredibly soft rug for the little one to crawl and roll on, a rocking horse in the corner and, of course, the perfect crib. A great idea for extra decoration are wall decals. They make your Melbourne home unique and accident-proof.