David Thiessen

Sales Manager

David is passionate about people and property. Recognising buying and selling real estate is often one of the most significant decisions a person may make, David loves to be part of that journey with his clients and their families.

Understanding trust and open communication are paramount to success, David’s friendly approach and affable nature quickly puts people at ease.

At home in front of a crowd, David loves the theatre of auction day. Having auctioned homes for close to two decades, David is an accomplished auctioneer adept at reading the crowd. He then steps into his own when it comes to the negotiating table, where he is able to obtain the very best result for his clients, every time.

An Ascot Vale local, David loves the variety and vibe of the area, where grand period homes nestle amongst new builds and mid-century classics. His vast experience working in and around the area means he knows exactly why so many people choose to call the area home.


0418 840 299

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