Annabelle Robinson

Sales Consultant

Annabelle has a passion for real estate. With her love of property fostered at a young age, her experience in property management has given her a grounding to understand the complexity of the law when it comes to buying and selling real estate.

Motivated and determined, Annabelle is a fully licensed real estate agent who always strives to ensure her clients experience the best outcome possible. She prides herself on getting things done and getting the best out of everything she does, making her diligence to follow through one of her key success traits.

Thriving within a team environment, Annabelle loves to learn from others and quickly applies what she learns to create the best experience possible. Her easily approachable and bubbly nature means she easily builds rapport and can quickly relate to the needs of her busy clients.

Currently residing in Essendon, Annabelle is very familiar with the area. She loves the generous local community spirit, something she feels connected to and feels this dovetails perfectly into her own passion for family and spending time with friends.

0457 330 200

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